I have had the priveledge of knowing Allan Aguirre for 23 years. One thing I can attest to is Allan's articulate ability to hear and know God's heart for the season that the Church is in and a discernment of God's prophetic word for the moment. Allan is able to take scripture and communicate it's teaching in a relevant and life giving manner.

I would recommend him highly to any congregation or community that would want to experience God's prophetic life and an infusion of His Spirit.
Lenny Perata, Senior Pastor
Mountain Vineyard

Keeping up with Allan in his various ministry functions over the past 20 years, I have developed both a fondness and respect for him and his family; but after inviting him and his lovely wife to come fellowship and teach us during Sukkot 2011 (The Feast of Tabernacles), that has been raised to a whole new level.

His sincerity and straight forwardness is uncompromising, he is a true servant to God and His people, and his desire for everyone to come to a deeper understanding in their Walk with God is both refreshing and effective. From his practical demonstration of Shabbat to his personal testimony, I was both challenged by his fervor and compelled by his compassion. I truly love this brother and the ministry that God has birthed in him.
Richard Douglas
Calvary Chapel of Saline County

Allan is an intellectual and thought provoking speaker that refuses to merely "tickle the ears" of his listeners. Scripture tells us that "iron sharpens iron", and Allan's provocative teaching has been the flint that God has used to spark life changing revolution in the lives of many of those who have attended his events, studies, and seminars.

I recommend Allan for those looking to bring in a speaker that will do more than tell people what they think at an event, but instead, will compel attendees to uncover God's Message themselves by earnestly considering the thought provoking material Allan shares.
Ted Bruun, Founder & Director
The Extreme Tour | The Objective

At the Gospel Music Association week 2009 I sat in on another event put on by the Extreme Tour folks, led by Ted Bruun and Allan Aguirre. I listened to Allan as he explained in great biblical detail about our identity as saints of God and the authority that Christ gave us. It got me pretty fired up to hear that kind of encouragement. He tried to help us set the bar higher for our art. Good stuff.
Doug Van Pelt, Editor
HM Magazine

Allan spoke at our conference in Dallas and was very well received by our attendees. He was raw, real, intense and he wasn't afraid to conquer real life issues with authority. Like no other, Allan can make the Old Testament and the law (Torah) come alive. We enjoyed having him at our event.
Terry Weaver, Founder
FEEDBACK Conference